Prayer and Meditation


Some would say that Prayer is talking to God and Meditation is listening to God.

We observe that Prayer is very often a proactive attempt to influence God's plans.  Most prayer we know about seems to be an attempt to suggest to God what we think should happen.  Prayer involves a very active mind intent on achieving a particular outcome.  Typically, we pray for something specific ... a date with so-and-so, better health, a safe journey, a happy marriage etc..  We would offer that prayer can be correctly applied only to encouraging a greater conscious awareness of God at work in our lives; a greatest awareness of how we may serve "highest and best good"

"Strive, through prayer and meditation, to maintain a conscious contact with God (as we believe God to be) ... praying only for the knowledge of God's Will for us and the power and resources to carry that out."  Step 11, 12 Steps to Recovery

Meditation, by contrast, is about surrender.  Meditation finds the natural quiet behind conscious mind.  We have experienced that meditation is a lovely, gentle way to directly experience God.  We both have experienced that when we get ourselves (our egos) out of the way, God is there.  Meditation as we know it is extremely simple; but, often (for us) it is not easy.  Meditation requires discipline, commitment, and a desire to serve "something" bigger than ourselves.  We have each been meditating for over 30 years... twice each day.  We cannot seem to say enough good things about meditation.  If you haven't tried meditation we urge you to start at your earliest convenience. 

The effects of meditation are additive.  They are subtle.  They are always good and nothing but good.  Search the internet for various styles and techniques and try several until you find one or two that feel right for you.  You may also wish to contact us directly.  We would be happy to share our suggestions with you on a one-by-one, personal basis.

There is another kind of activity that we would like to note.  It looks, at first glance, like prayer because it uses words in an active mind; yet, it seems a lot like meditation because it's sole purpose is to bring us more and more into lasting experience with God.  We haven't put a label to it but studying "A Course in Miracles" is an example of such activity.  The Hawaiian tradition of "Ho'oponopono" is another.

Sample Prayer and Meditation

"Without ceasing I mention you always in my prayers." Romans 1:9

In the silence of prayer,

God's Truth is here; love is here; God is here; and joy is here.

In the silence of prayer, I have the opportunity to experience
the joy of being alive.

Dear God, I open myself this day to experience the joy of being
alive. This wonderful gift You have placed within my heart, my
mind, and my spirit is the joy of being alive.

I cannot ask for more than that. I cannot ask for more than joy.
And it is a gift You have already given me. Within me is the joy
of being alive.

In the silence of prayer, accept the joy of the Christ . . . .

(Silence) 5 minutes meditate on joy.

This day, I am willing to open my heart and mind, to take off
the shackles and the fetters, to free myself to experience the
joy of being alive.

And so, with a sense of expectation, with a feeling of
gratitude, perhaps even with awe and wonder, I step into this
experience of joy-the joy of being alive.

In the silence of prayer I humbly ask for more life . . . .


I am willing to experience the joy of being alive.

Dear God, I am willing to accept and embrace the joy of living.

I am willing to experience the joy of being alive.

That is God's Truth in action, and You have made it so, dear

I accept it . . .NOW

Positive Christianity is praying with you now, we ask you to
pray with us now. Dear God I ask you to spiritually cleanse my
mind and my body, may I have the touch of God upon me, and
within me. I ask for a blessing today, so strong, that it will
bring testimony to all my senses, of the reality of your
presence with me now.

I give thanks God for everything in my life. I give thanks for
your blessings in the past, and I pray that I am ever-aware of
every blessing in the present moment. I know that you go ahead
of me on my life path creating wonderful exciting experiences
and opportunities waiting to unfold. Thank you for blessing my
life, dear God, continuously.

In Christ's name . . . Amen.

Reverend Christopher Ian Chenoweth, Founder  Never a charge for prayer.



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