Dr. David Hawkins

Dr. Hawkins is a trained psychologist who has identified and refined a method for verifying universal, absolute Truth using what seems to us to be a scientifically accepted and rigorous treatment.

His work is based on the science of Kinesthesiology as taught in many fine Universities.  What seems to set his work apart from the masses is that while Kinesthesiology is generally applied as a tool for personal exploration, Dr. Hawkins has adapted it and expanded it to universal application.

What really excites us about Dr. Hawkins work is that it seems to us to be involving what we would call the 'Omniscience of God' as he accesses a comprehensive universal memory system that records literally all history since the beginning of time.  His work seems to overcome all the vagaries of subjectivity.

The question that we have with his system is that his access is gained by application of a series of carefully worded questions that require yes or no answers.  Before we can understand his answers, it becomes extremely important to understand, in context, his questions.  And subtlety becomes paramount. 

POWER vs. FORCE is the culmination of twenty years' research. In it, David Hawkins conclusively proves the ability of kinesiological testing to distinguish truth or falsehood in any statement—an astonishing idea in itself, with far reaching implications for every aspect of human life. He goes on to demonstrate the application of his method (explained clearly for the layman) in commerce, art, sport, etc. Then he explains its spiritual application, as a path to enlightenment.

For more information visit Dr. Hawkins website.

Kay and I hold to the notion that we all have already the capacity to know all things through our connection with the Divine.  This connection seems to act in a state of mind beyond words and is capable of manifesting directly to our current state of affairs without going through the normal conscious mental processes.  This Knowing is a naturally consequence of meditation and prayer.


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