1. Seek the Kingdom

  • With every breath, be ever vigilant for the Kingdom of God.
  • Strive, thru, prayer and meditation, to maintain a conscious contact with God ... praying ONLY for knowledge of God's will for me and the power and resources to carry that out.

Note that the goal is greater awareness of God in our lives.  We cherish our relationships with our favorite references, to be sure, but our highest priority is not our excellence in any "technique" or resource; but rather, without hesitation, our continuing progress towards the outward expression of the God light within us.  We take care that enthusiasm for specific activities, or other charming philosophies does not distract us from our appointed rounds.

We use favorite questions and affirmations as we might use a mantra in our meditations ... questions like: Dear God, what is the best thought, word, deed, feeling, impression that you would suggest to us in this moment?  Or, affirmations like: thank you God for teaching us what you would have us know; thank you God for guiding us where you would have us go.


2. Love Spiritually

  • Spiritual Love is defined as " the sincere desire for the genuine well-being of the recipient." We have been tested many times about our sincerity.
  • Love the Lord thy God ... with all thy heart.
  • Love thy neighbour.
  • Love thyself.

3. Move your feet.

  • Take action from this God-centered state-of-mind that you have invited.  See that there is nothing more charming nor more empowering than action coming from Spiritual Love.
  • balance between activity and rest is Joyous.

4. Release

  • Let go of all attachment to all outcomes.  "Not my will God but Thine."  Know that God is Good all the time and whatever happens will be in accordance with highest and best good.
  • Let go of all preconceptions about your part in the Divine Plan.
  • Prepare for the very real possibility that your life may change.... sometimes in subtle ways some times in major ways.  Allow for the possibility that you may be "moved" in directions that mean new work, new friends, new life circumstances.

5. Practice  diligently. 

It may feel strange and perhaps even frustrating at first.

  • Discipline yourself to choose your role models to your best advantage.  Expose yourself to people who are really good at doing things that are important to you.
  • Choose your environment wisely.  Choose friends that will support you, your new way of thinking, and your desired lifestyle.  Choose books, television programs, radio programs etc. that support and nourish your soul.

6. Express gratitude

  • For all those circumstances in your life that are going well, express your gratitude for God's perfect guidance.  Let your gratitude show in every thought, word, deed, feeling that you express to every person, with every thing, in every place, in every condition, during every event.

7. Take responsibility

For all those circumstances in your life which are not bringing you Joy, take responsibility:

  • If I am in pain; then I am in error.
  • Consider that you faltered on steps 1, 2, & 3. 
  • Change your mind. 
  • Repeat steps 1, 2, & 3 with renewed enthusiasm and expectation. 
  • Feel the feelings within you change immediately as you come into closer alignment with the perfect guidance of your Higher Power.
  • Express gratitude to God for this feedback that brought you to greater awareness for what brings you Joy; leads you out of your circumstances of "dis-ease"; and, guides you back into alignment with your Higher Power's good for you.
  • Continue to take fearless moral inventory and, when wrong promptly admit it to myself and at least one other person.  Strive to make amends except when to do so would cause injury or harm to myself or others.

8.  Repeat Steps 1 thru 8

Life is a journey... not a destination.  Occasionally, there might be apocalyptic events which are Spiritually transformative and quite dramatic.  More often Joyous life is about the fullness of our awareness in the moment by moment living... doing the little, Loving things in great ways.

It has been said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step.  And then progresses with another.  If we but persist, we will succeed. 

May God, grant me the serenity ...
To accept the things which I cannot change;
The courage to change the things which I can;
And the wisdom to know the difference.
Grant me patience for the things that take time;
Tolerance for the struggles of others which may be different from my own;
Appreciation for all that I already have;
And the willingness to get up and try again ...
One day at a time.