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Water exposed to thoughts of war. Water exposed to thoughts of peace.

2 Photographs of a Water Crystal... one exposed to thoughts of Peace, the other exposed to thoughts of war.


We are very excited about the work which Dr. Emoto and his associates continue to do as they photograph water subjected to a variety of mental influences and emotional states.  His work confirms for us that thoughts have very identifiable impact on the water around us. 

A very large portion of our bodies and our world is water.  Because of his work, we are encouraged to be more discerning about the quality of the thoughts that we have towards ALL things. 

While his published work focuses on water, it seems but a short jump in our imaginations to consider that if our thoughts have such a demonstrable impact on water, our thoughts can also impact other matter.  The impact of our thoughts on our world is a principle which devoted Spiritualists have been referencing for a very long time.

One of Dr. Emoto's experiments that we have heard described (and replicated by grade school students!) is that of the 3 cups of cooked rice.  One cup was treated to primarily loving thoughts and words once a day. One cup was treated by nothing but angry, disparaging thoughts and words for the same time period with approximately the same intensity.  The third cup was ignored.  After 30 days, the three cups of rice were compared visually and it was noted that the impact of the three thought categories was visually apparent:  the loved cup was more appealing than the other two; while the ignored cup was the least appealing!  This second observation surprised us.

The experiment suggests proof for something that might seem intuitively obvious to many people.  Given that we physical beings are water, we are dramatically impacted by the thoughts of ourselves as well as the thoughts of those in our world.  What fascinated us most was that the ignored rice fared worse than the denigrated.

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