But one more hour.
Welcome to a website dedicated to effortless living.  The effortless living that comes naturally as we partner with our Creator - giving Spiritual Love unsurpassed priority.  And the Joyous living that we experience more, with every breath, as we remember the Truth and the Knowledge of the Divinity that is our true Self.

We are not talking about the (fleeting) happiness that comes from getting a new car, a new home, a new life partner, or even a major healing .  Rather, we are talking about the enduring Joy that comes from direct experience of (and on-going conscious awareness of) Source.  The only Source we want.  The only Source we need.  The only Source.  The Source of all good and nothing but good. And, with that connection, the certain knowledge that we need never be alone; we need never be in lack ... ever.

We hope that the ideas presented here are as beneficial to you as they have been to us.  We assembled them by asking ourselves:  "What is the most important sharing we could offer our children ... if we had but one more hour?"

Live long and prosper....
Love, Peace, and Blessings...
Richard and Kay