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The Law of Mind-Action
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Statement of the Law  






  • Thoughts are powerful "things".  When used in harmony with Divine will, they are ALL Powerful.
  • If you want to know what you are thinking the majority of the time, then take a look at your current circumstances.
  • Intent precedes and shines through your thoughts to colour your every action; and therefore, to colour your perception of reality.


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The Process ... 



The Law of Mind-Action

  • As within, so without.
  • As we think we must become.
  • What we focus on grows.
  • Thoughts held in mind reproduce after their own kind.
  • Change your mind and change your life.


Thoughts beget Actions; Actions beget Results; Results beget Expectations; Expectations totally influence Thought ... unless acted upon by the ALL powerful Source I refer to as Divine.

A while back, this author read a portion of an interview with Einstein which I paraphrase here.  The interviewer asked him a question ...  If you had to choose but one notion which you would want to pass on to others, which one would you consider most important? 

Einstein said that he would want people to understand that the solution to any problem is always to be found at a level of consciousness higher than that at which the problem was encountered.

In the bible, when someone asked Jesus to summarize his teachings, he gave the "Sermon on the Mount" which consisted of two key parts/instructions ye first the kingdom of God  ( metaphysically interpreted as seeking a higher level of consciousness, seeking highest and best good for all ) and Love the Lord thy God ...and Love thy neighbour as thyself." I offer that the first part is best accepted as the Spiritual imperative/direction, and the second part is best taken as the "how to" for accomplishing the first part.  Love is the key which, to the degree that it is  practiced/applied with vigilance and sincerity, empowers the giver to access the Kingdom with unfettered Harmony/Joy.
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The Upanishads say that what a person thinks is what he or she becomes.  "If the mind dwells within the supreme self in connection to the One, within the Supreme Self, one enjoys unending happiness.  When one dwells in separation, happiness is a fleeting feather." 

This particular web page is a work-in-progress dedicated to providing the reader with some insight as to how all the notions included herein relate to each other so they may enable the practitioner to experience that "Heaven that is amongst us".  I am confident that the concepts are solid; however, I strive to improve my communication of these concepts, as well as their application so that the reader may also share direct experience of the indwelling Christ, the God within.

Please send suggestions, questions, and general feedback to 

Love, Peace, and Blessings,

Richard Gurbin


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Artistic Note: 
In the diagram above, if I could, I would show one more arrow depicting the Force ( all knowing, all loving, all powerful, and everywhere present) coming straight out of the paper ( from the thought node) towards you, the reader.  It would create the path which results when we choose to follow Divine Inspiration and, if the additional dimension can be visualized, this added upward activity combines with the familiar circular activity, as shown, producing an upward spiral ( slinky like path?) that patterns our earthly journey as God's Heavenly Beings.

  • Comes only when we access God ( through the Christ within) ... He will certainly answer; but, we must call Him and be open, receptive, responsive, and devoted to His response.  The onus, the responsibility to initiate and maintain the connection, is ours.
  • Is unmanifest/incomplete without us.  God needs our hands, our mouths, our feet, and our will.  God needs us to do His work, in His (Love's) name.   We are co-creators in a symbiotic relationship with our Higher Power.  And, like the good shepherd tending His flock, God is incomplete without each and every one of us.
  • Comes automatically as one strives to seek "highest and best" Good at all times ... as we pray unceasingly.
  • Manifests as crucifixion ( of the baser ego thought that was running interference) and resurrection ( of the new thought that is more in tune with Divine Mind).  It thus supplants the "self-fulfilling prophecy" and nurtures actualization of the "Self-fulfilling Prophecy".  Note that ( consistent with bible accounts) there is often a period of time required for the effects/benefits to be recognized; although, a sense of the experience can often be had immediately.
  • An iterative process "in this world but not of it".  As you practice going to God, awareness and understanding increase and you acknowledge more and more areas of your life that can be favourably impacted with levels of thought that seem ever more profound ... ever more Loving.
  • Often imitated by the ego to deceive and distract (comes like a thief in the night).  Know that if the thought is not loving, it is not of God and will not bring Joy long-term.  Be ever vigilant.  Accept no imitations.
  • Is our natural state merely obscured by the ego's competitive nature trying to deceive/distract our free will consistently enough to deny us our Good and to obviate our relationship with God.  We need merely to clear away the mud on the mirror of our soul to see the Truth about what we always have been.  back to table of contents
  • Is all-powerful because it is of God.  If your free will chooses to partner with God and openly receive/accept, there is no force powerful enough to deny you your Good.
  • Does not depend on our belief in it.  Because it is of God, it is of Truth and Truth does not rely on our belief in it to make it so.
  • Is not bipolar (good vs bad, high vs low etc.).  God helps us create Good/Reality and nothing but.  What is not created in concert with God is not real and will only exist as long as we ( ego/free will) give it our power.  As we stop believing in these illusions ( fear, poverty, death etc.) they fade to nothing in deference to reality. There is but One Reality.  Only our awareness of Truth is subject to degrees.
  • Is a gift.  The Divine does not have to be earned.  Indeed, who could ever feel like they actually earned this level of abundance!  Fortunately, as children of God, we have automatic entitlement to our Divine Inheritance.
  • Is for everyone   God's Love is unconditional in the sense that it is equally accessible to everyone at every point in time and space; HOWEVER,  it is conditional in the sense that we must take the initiative and make the choice ( exercise our free will) to receive and accept/demonstrate the gift that God has provided for us.  We do this by sharing on a voluntary/Joyous basis.... giving is proof of having.  Everyone has this option available to them.  No matter what your past or current circumstances, once you set your intent, you are onside with the power and resources of the Master Creator.  back to table of contents

 There are four activities mandatory for access to Divine Potential:


  • Demonstrating the (sincere) Intent to partner with God by exercising  individual free will in a manner which compliments Divine Will
  • Loving unconditionally... the definition of Spiritual Love is key ... that notion which fuels the sincere desire for the genuine well-being of the recipient.  Loving someone does NOT mean that you have to like them, nor agree with them, nor do what they ask of you.  It does means that, no matter what the circumstances of the relationship, you can look at ( think about) the person(s) in question and say, with sincerity, " I wish you abundant living.  I wish you your highest and best good.  I wish you Joy, and Peace, and Prosperity in every form.  I wish for you the experience, the lifestyle I would wish for myself.  I behold the Christ in you and I encourage you to give the Christ in you priority.  In short, the Golden Rule.

...."Apostle of Love", not as a character feminine, yielding, softly benevolent, but as one who recognized the Lord Christ ever-present as the only reality of  every man everywhere. "  P181, High Mysticism, by Emma Curtis Hopkins.

  • Letting go of what you are not.... the perceptions/illusions that exist only because of ego ... invite freedom from all that does not serve your highest and best good.  "Except ye come as children."
  • Open to and accept the Truth about what you REALLY are.... all that has been created in concert with Divine Will.... for all eternity .... say YES to the Christ within.  back to table of contents

Note that belief and faith are not on either list. It has been my personal experience that, in doing what Jesus has told me to do ( respecting the underlying "Spirit" of the directions to the best of my abilities), no belief or faith was required.  I merely had to do as instructed and the results were forthcoming in what seemed to be in similar proportions to the sincerity of my Willingness and the purity of my Intent. The Awareness of and The Knowing of (the direct experience of) the existence of God was a natural bonus of the process.  God is Truth.  And Truth does not require my belief (or that of anyone else) to make it so.  Indeed, it is my experience that even the hint/glimmer of my sincere intent to proceed as directed is sufficient.

Simplicity is best. Less is more. " Those who would be first shall be last.  And those who would be last shall be first."

The mandatory activities are facilitated by several other activities which are useful and fun but not, of themselves, necessary.  Indeed, I have found that they seem to be natural extensions of the mandatory activities; and, when practiced in their context, tend to accelerate the benefits/experience.  For me the boundaries between many of their explanations can often be rather subtle and fuzzy,  Talking  about them involves much overlap.

These "techniques" include but are not limited to:

  • Metaphysical Interpretations of Bible Scriptures
  • Practicing the Law of Substitution
  • Forgiving
  • Blessing your circumstances
  • Prayer, Affirmations, Meditation, Contemplative prayer
  • Tithing of time, treasure, and talent
  • Practicing Spiritual Denial
  • Proactive Visualization
  • 12 step programs
  • Distillation/Patience/Gestation
  • Reframing
  • Playing the Gratitude Game
  • Keeping an Open Mind ...Judging Not
  • Looking for the Good
  • Asking better questions
  • Choosing your friends wisely
  • Regular physical exercise
  • Detachment ... Let go and let God ... practicing non- resistance and acceptance.
  • Making Amends
  • Journalizing back to table of contents
  • Eating right ... emotionally, mentally and physically
  • Setting clear boundaries
  • Act out of Love, not fear
  • Let God lead the way
  • Revise the notion of reciprocity
  • Let your life speak
  • Choose for Truth
  • Lifestyle tapes
  • Act as if you are going to live forever
  • Build on your strengths
  • Emulate people who are "doing it"
  • Form good habits and serve them vigilantly.
  • support groups

Stay tuned, more about these to follow.  In the meantime, if you have any specific questions or comments, feel encouraged to email me.  Your communications would be viewed as supportive/useful as I continue to attempt to put my thoughts into words.
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CaveatMany of the preceding techniques may also also be applied in the context of unloving intentions.  The difference is that only Loving Intentions will bring enduring Joy/ Peace to the practitioner.  Only the results of Loving Intentions will be enduring/eternal/ Real.

If I am in pain, I am in error.  If I am in pain, I try to remember to check my motivation/intent and compare it to the definition of  spiritual love ( found elsewhere in this work ) with an open mind.

To sin is merely to miss the mark ( an ancient archery term) .  If/when I sin, I may, at any time, choose to repent. 

To repent just means to change my mind.  I can repent very easily ( and painlessly ) by simply recognizing/accepting the feedback (some form of fear/anger/pain), taking fresh aim by changing my mind, and then taking action with renewed awareness, understanding, sincerity, and  intent. 

Life is, after all, an iterative process.... a journey, not a destination ... a process, not an event. As I change my mind ( free will), I change my experience. I change my life.

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  • Note that Divine Inspiration works directly on Thought.  It precedes and is independent of the attitudes, beliefs, or paradigms we glean from experiences ( "except ye come as children")
  • Thoughts are the only "things" over which we have total control.  I can not always choose what happens to me; but, I can always choose what/how I think about it.  And what/how I think about it has direct influence over what I do  next.  Free will is an awesome power/responsibility/opportunity.
  • Thoughts operate on a weighted average.  Every thought has an intellectual content component and an emotional component where emotion is coloured by intent.  Thoughts that are highly charged with emotion (sincere intent) are much more powerful than other thoughts. I have found that it can be quite useful/effective to work on the components of thought separately.
  • Divine Inspiration is directly contrary to the ego's existence and is illogical by the ego's standards because Divine Inspiration is the direct result of an act of surrender to a higher power.  An act of surrender is illogical by ego standards since the ego's single purpose is to obviate any need for us to believe in God ( First Cause)  or any power higher than itself.  The notion of surrender is not even in the ego's mindset.  The ego's credo is "seeing is believing" while Divine Co-creators creating in the name of God/Love experience that believing is seeing.  That is why, I think, most "revelations" happen under duress/crisis..... when all else fails, and the Mac Truck of life is about to run us over, we cry "Oh my God" and, instantly, things take a positive turn as we release our clutching to the past and allow an elevated consciousness..
  • Judgments shut this whole process down and keep the process flat or spiraling in a negative, destructive manner.  A judgment is an assumption that you will not raise to doubt.  To judge something is to think that you know what there is to know about it. back to table of contents

 When you fail to keep an open mind; when you proceed thinking that you know what someone else will do ( or why); when you think that you know about something completely,  you typically stop ( free will) asking the "wopen" ( who?, what?, why?, when?, where?, and what else?) questions.... some of those wonderful questions that pull you into the abundance of knowledge, possibilities, and empowerment which God has for you.  It is very clear to me that a major difference between brilliant performance and average performance is rooted in the kind of questions asked.  For example .... " Is there an Ultimate Question?

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When people judge the reason(s) that some event/condition has manifested, they tend to act on their belief about those circumstances rather than first "going to God" and asking for awareness regarding the situation; thereby, opening themselves up to guidance with respect to subsequent action that might be prudent/necessary .... effectively denying an opportunity for growth, JOY, PEACE, PROSPERITY.

When people judge the outcomes to their plans/expectations, it is more difficult for them to be happy and secure.  Things rarely turn out as we plan.  Whether they are better or worse, they are usually different.  If we do our best and keep an open mind, taking loving action, then we can allow that ("not my will God but Thine dear God") whatever happens is for our highest and best good; big picture outcomes will always surpass expectations; and, we find Joy in the (everywhere) present.

People who judge often present as arrogant/fearful ( in their heart they must know that they can't control/predict everything and can't account for all potential outcomes by themselves).  They tend to be susceptible to circumstances ( outer driven vs inner driven) and spend a lot of energy fighting life and/or hedging their responses/reactions.  It is "the meek that shall inherit the earth".

  There are some times when we are particularly susceptible to "new/revised" thoughts: when clapping your hands, walking, sneezing, or moments of peak mental/emotional activity.  The relationship between breath and thought can also be quite powerful.

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" A Course 
in Miracles"
As preamble to this section, it is very easy for me to imagine that "A Course in Miracles" will prove to be an extremely important and useful text ... as significant to the New Testament Bible as the New Testament Bible has proven to be to the Old Testament Bible.

From " A Course in Miracles", the following is a quote from chapter 7 entitled " The Gifts of the Kingdom".  The last paragraph of section iv, entitled "Healing as the Recognition of Truth "reads as follows:

" Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, because that is where the laws of God operate truly, and they can operate only truly because they are the laws of truth.  But seek this only, because you can find nothing else.  There is nothing else.  God is All in all in a very literal sense.  All being is in Him Who is all being.   You are therefore in Him since your being is His.  Healing is a way of forgetting the sense of danger the ego has induced in you, by not recognizing its existence in your brother.  This strengthens the Holy Spirit in both of you, because it is a refusal to acknowledge fear.  Love needs only this invitation.  It comes freely to all the Sonship, being what the Sonship is.  By your awakening to it, you are merely forgetting what you are not.  This enables you to remember what you are."


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Divine Inspiration 
and the 
Law of Mind Action 
  • there can be no action taken without first having a corresponding/guiding thought and it is underlying  intent that is all important.  Intent always shines through.
  • every thought is effectively an affirmation/prayer either pulling us towards the realization of our Divine Nature or pushing us away.
  • As we get our thoughts "right" i.e. in harmony with our Christ thoughts/mind, then everything will be right in our world.
  • to the degree one thinks thoughts only in the context of "highest and best" good, "highest and best " good will be my outcome, my experience in my physical reality.
  • Since God is ALL powerful, and nothing but Good, and since man is made in the likeness of God, then man becomes the master of his physical reality as he learns to join wills with God to access God's indomitable support on a continuous basis.
  • To the degree that my intent is Loving, I experience Joy, and Peace, Love, and Light, with greater and greater predictability.  As my intent is Loving and sincere, I am naturally pulled to better and better experiences. If my  intent is NOT Loving, I cannot access the resources that are my birthright..... indeed, I am not even aware that they are in my midst. Practice keeping your intent Loving and Sincere/Pure ... always ... no matter what the circumstances. 

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Analogy  As I practice life with the understanding presented, it is as if "things are much clearer". 

Where I used to envision that I was in a maze so very complicated that I felt there was no hope, no way out; now, it is as if I can effortlessly rise above it all.  And from this new/fresh vantage point, I am privy to more of the secrets of my personal maze, the cross I bear.  I can avoid the blind alleys and the pitfalls and the hurdles before I become their victim.  I can see the path required to meet my goals more Joyously, more in Harmony with the universe.  I can more predictably take actions which apparently have NO negative implications.

Using the process described herein, this experience happens automatically, without consciously thinking about it.

It is as if I was, before, being swallowed up in the mire of activities/details of merely making a living.  Growing ever more tired of seemingly insurmountable challenges and blind alleys.  BUT now, I have the ever increasing guidance of a deeply profound vision/intuition which leads me a far, far better way.  A way which nurtures profound appreciation/gratitude for Life's pleasures ... for Life itself ... profound appreciation for an All Powerful, All Knowing, All Loving, and Everywhere ( in time and space ) Present, accessible Source.

More and more, I have the growing experience of being "In this world, but not of it".

It is my notion that the single most influential factor in this, my Joyous experience, is my sincere intent to practice Spiritual Love and my concurrent, eager willingness to demonstrate that intent in each and every one of my daily thoughts/activities.

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Executive Summary
  • Regardless of what opportunity awaits me, regardless of what goodness I may be enjoying, regardless of what calamity I may be facing, regardless of what moment I have before me, it is important for me to pray FIRST, acknowledging a proactive desire for God in the forefront of my life.  This activity puts God thought in my mind... and (for as long as that active desire) nothing but.  My mind can hold only one thought/intent regarding any single subject, at any given time
  • Because God is All Powerful, All Knowing, All Loving, and Everywhere Present, it follows that God thought has the same qualities.  According to the Law of Substitution, since God thought is All Powerful, it (always) can displace all other thoughts and occupy my mind ... as long as I choose long as I exercise my free will in concert with God's Will.
  • Once I have called forth this state of consciousness, I have merely to proceed to "chop wood and carry water" knowing God is with me and all is well ... in the really BIG picture. 
  • To the extent that I maintain this Divine State, it is not possible for me to do anything but act in harmony with my Universal Good.
  • As explained previously using the Law of Mind Action, God thoughts act through me to create in kind... a Loving (enduring) Reality free of fear, full of Joy, Beauty, Peace, and Prosperity.
  • This Divine Reality is equally accessible to all ( for as long as they choose to receive by their personal choice for God thought ), by any genuine "seeker of the Kingdom". 
  • The higher goal is to gather many people together of like mind.  God thoughts, acting through the minds of willing men/women, manifest Heaven on Earth ... actively and proactively demonstrating that "Heaven is in our midst". Two or more, gathered in the name of God, will make a difference.
  • Man/woman really does have the power to co-create with God.
  • (Spiritual) Love is pivotal.  Love neutralizes the effects that the past has had on me.  Love fuels and empowers me.  Love makes it possible for me to access every attribute that is my birthright as a Child of God.  Love is both the enabler and the test.  If it is not of Love, it is not of God.  If there is pain in me, then there is error thought in me ... an indication that my return to Loving thought is due.  back to table of contents
  • Intent is another pivotal key.  The process follows intent.  Assemble a group of persons with compelling common intent and team play is automatic and powerful.  Loving intent is all powerful and enduring.
  • The process is a process of Truth.  This process works for me ... regardless of what I believe .. if (and to the degree and as long as) I work the process.
  • The results are never-endingly beneficial.  To the degree that I work the process continuously,  I experience "highest and best good" beyond my wildest dreams.
  • This process is a way to directly experience God in my life... completely ... at my choosing.
  • The process is completely independent of and infinitely more powerful than my ego, my humanness.
  • To practice the process is to access the attributes of First Cause and the Divine Powers of Man. ( see below)
  • Learn  to be gentle on yourself and have patience with your progress in  the process.  Patience... the more you are willing to demonstrate, the less you need.  Remember to Love yourself at all times in the process.
  • God thought is the only thought possible that can have NO negative consequences.
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25 Attributes 
"First Cause"
(Deepak Chopra) 
  • Total Potential of Natural Law
  • Infinite Organizing Power
  • Fully Awake within itSelf
  • Infinitely correlated
  • Perfectly orderly
  • Infinitely creative
  • Infinitely dynamic
  • All Knowing
  • Unbounded
  • Evolutionary
  • Self referring
  • Invincible
  • Immortal
  • Unmanifest
  • Nourishing
  • Integrating
  • Simplicity
  • Purifying
  • Freedom/release
  • Bliss/Joy
  • Infinite silence
  • All possibilities
  • Harmonizing
  • Completely Self-sufficient
  • Perfectly balanced


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12 Powers 
Christ Man 
(Charles Fillmore) 
  • Love
  • Faith
  • Wisdom
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Imagination
  • Understanding
  • Zeal
  • Will
  • Order
  • Freedom/release
  • Co-creativity

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I have long considered these attributes and powers presented and I wonder that we should also be considering an addition of a 13th attribute to the 12 powers of man.... perhaps calling it  "the Christ factor" which would reserve space in our considerations for a master attribute that would operate as a code by which we are guided to use the other 12 powers in Inspired proportions.

3 of my
Favorite Ways
Moving Forward
Following are 3 of my favorite "tricks" for staying on track.  For staying connected.   I like them because they are simple to use and easy to memorize.  I often use them dozens of times per day.


  • Step 11 of the 12 Step Program .... "Strive through prayer and meditation to maintain a conscious contact with God.  Praying only for the knowledge of God's Will for me and the Power and Resources to carry it out".
  • Ask my Ultimate Question ..."Master Creator what is the very best thought, word, deed, feeling, and impression you would give to me ... Right Now"?
  • A short Prayer ... Take these thoughts, words, deeds, feelings, and impressions, Dear Lord, and guide me as Thy Will.  Look on them and let me know what miracles you would wrought thru me today.  back to table of contents


I treat each like prayer..... that is I pray then move my feet..... acting "as if" my prayer is being answered, acting "as if" I am being guided righteously.... right here, right now.

I tend to switch them around, using one for a while then using another for a while and so on.  It seems to keep them fresh and freer of personal "attitude".

May they bring you the Joy that they have brought me.

Love, Peace, Abundance, and Blessings,


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