Anthony Robbins

Richard first connected with the teachings of Tony in the summer of '89 when he responded to Tony's tv infomercial and bought his course "Unlimited Power" and spent about an hour a day for 30 days listening to the teachings and completing the exercises.

Richard liked Tony's course for several reasons:

The course was very good at identifying how his personal views of the world around him were impacting his life.

The course contained powerful techniques for changing any beliefs that would better serve his personal ideas of success.

The focus was on process rather than content.  Richard never felt any pressure about what to believe.  Rather, Tony's taped messages helped Richard identify his own limiting beliefs; showed him which beliefs had served other peoples' successes; and, taught him some very effective techniques for revising his  own beliefs to support personal ideas of what success could mean.

The course kept him interested and motvated.  Assignments that could have taken hours, with Tony's help, were done in 30 minutes so he never felt bogged down or bored.  Quite the reverse ... he felt more enthusiastic as he became more empowered by his teachings.

The course taught Richard how to take a proactive approach to designing his life.

6 months later, in the spring of '90, Richard did the same "Unlimited Power" course again .... this time within a premeditated, Spiritual context ... and found it more thrilling, beneficial, empowering, and Joyous than he could have dreamed.

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