As preamble to this section, it is very easy for us to imagine that "A Course in Miracles" will prove to be an extremely important and useful text ... as significant to the New Testament Bible as the New Testament Bible has proven to be to the Old Testament Bible.

From " A Course in Miracles", the following is a quote from chapter 7 entitled " The Gifts of the Kingdom".  The last paragraph of section iv, entitled "Healing as the Recognition of Truth "reads as follows:

" Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, because that is where the laws of God operate truly, and they can operate only truly because they are the laws of truth.  But seek this only, because you can find nothing else.  There is nothing else.  God is All in all in a very literal sense.  All being is in Him Who is all being.   You are therefore in Him since your being is His.  Healing is a way of forgetting the sense of danger the ego has induced in you, by not recognizing its existence in your brother.  This strengthens the Holy Spirit in both of you, because it is a refusal to acknowledge fear.  Love needs only this invitation.  It comes freely to all the Sonship, being what the Sonship is.  By your awakening to it, you are merely forgetting what you are not.  This enables you to remember what you are."


A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is presented in 7 sections: 
  • Preface,
  • Text,
  • Workbook for Students,
  • Manual for Teachers,
  • Clarification of Terms,
  • Psychotherapy, and
  • Song of Prayer
All but the last two sections are offered  together in the lovely book published by The Foundation for Inner Peace.  The last two sections are offered in two separate books.  All 7 sections can also be purchased bundled in a great CD with spectacular search and analytical features.  In case it is not yet clear, we enthusiastically recommend you commit to studying and living with this profound text.
Out of curiosity (and with Loving enthusiasm), we went through the Text (first) section and noted all (36) of the passages in italics.  We have presented them here with the hope of piquing your interest.  The labels in the first column are our own.  Page numbers are provided to enable you to explore the context of each.  Would you consider meditating on one (or more) of them?
Making the Right Choice
Spirit is in a state of Grace forever.
Your reality is only Spirit.
Therefore you are in a state of grace forever.
ACIM,pg 10
Casting out Fear
Perfect Love casts out fear.
If fear exists
Then there is not perfect Love
But, Only perfect Love exists,
If there is fear,
It produces a state that does not exist.
ACIM, pg 14
I am here only to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent Him Who sent me.
I do not have to worry
About what to say or what  to do,
Because He who sent me will direct me.
I am content to be wherever He wishes
Knowing He goes there with me.
I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal.
ACIM, pg 28
No need to fear
In this world you need not have tribulation
Because I have overcome the world.
That is why you should be of good cheer.
ACIM, pg.56
Safety from temptation
The Kingdom is perfectly united and perfectly protected,
And the ego will not prevail against it.
ACIM, pg 60
Healer's Prayer
Let me know this brother as I know myself.
ACIM, pg 72
Thoughts increase by being given away,
The more who believe in them,
The stronger they become.
Everything is an idea.
How then, can giving and losing be associated?
ACIM, pg 73
I must have decided wrongly for I am not at Peace.
But I made the decision myself, so I CAN decide otherwise.
I want to decide otherwise, because I want to be at peace.
I do not feel guilty because the Holy Spirit can and will undo all negative consequences of my wrong decisions - if I but choose to let Him.
And I choose to let Him by allowing Him to choose for GOD for me.
ACIM, pg 90
Teach only Love for that is what you are.
ACIM, pg 94
Lessons of the Holy Spirit
A.  To have, give ALL to ALL
B.  To have Peace, Teach Peace to learn it.
C.  Be vigilant only for GOD and His Kingdom.
ACIM, pg 104
Indwelling Truth
Christ is in me,
And where He is, GOD must be,
For Christ is part of Him.
ACIM, pg 163
Recognizing God
Because I will to know myself,
I see you as God's Son and my brother.
ACIM, pg 166
Following the right Guide
By the fruits ye shall know them,
and they shall know themselves.
ACIM, pg 173
God himself is incomplete without me.
ACIM, pg 177
The illusion of ego
All power is of God.
What is not of Him, has no power to do anything.
ACIM, pg 203
Deciding for the Answer
Do I want the problem?
Do I want the solution?
ACIM, pg 212
Staying on Track
The Holy Spirit leads me unto Christ,
and where else would I go?
What need have I but to awake in Him?
ACIM, pg 257
Release from Guilt
Behold the Son of God and look upon his purity and be still.
In quiet, look upon his holiness,
And offer thanks unto his Father that no guilt has ever touched him.
ACIM, pg 265
Happy Learning/Faith
The Truth is true.  Nothing else matters, nothing else is real, and everything beside it is not there.  Let Me make the one distinction for you that you cannot make, but need to learn.  Your faith in nothing is deceiving you.  Offer your faith to Me, and I will Place it gently in the Holy Place where it belongs.  You will find no deception there but only simple truth.  And you will Love it because you will understand it.
ACIM, pg 273
Deciding for guiltlessness
What I will experience, I will make manifest.
If I am guiltless, I have nothing to fear.
I choose to testify to my acceptance of the Atonement, not to it's rejection.
I would accept my guiltlessness by making it manifest and sharing it.
Let me bring peace to God's Son from His Father.
ACIM, pg 275
Inviting Truth
I do not know what anything, including this, means.
So I do not know how to respond to it.
And I will not use my own past learnings as the light to guide me now.
ACIM, pg 298
Forgiveness and Release
A New Beginning
I give you to the Holy Spirit as part of myself.
I know that you will be released,
Unless I want to use you to imprison myself.
In the name of my freedom, I choose your release,
Because I recognize that we will be released together.
ACIM, pg 329
Resisting temptation to judge
I am not alone,
And I would not intrude the past upon my guest.
I have invited Him, and He is here.
I need do nothing except not to interfere.
ACIM, pg 331
Preparing for the
Holy Instant
I who am host to God am worthy of Him.
He Who established His dwelling place in me created it as He would have it be.
It is not needful that I make it ready for Him, but only that I do not interfere with His plan to restore to me my own awareness of readiness, which is eternal.
I need add nothing to His plan.
But to receive it, I must be willing not to substitute my own in place of it
ACIM, pg 381
Removing fear and disagreement
I desire this Holy Instant for myself,
That I may share it with my brother whom I love.
It is not possible that I can have it without him or he without me.
Yet it is wholly possible for us to share it now.
And so I choose this instant as the one to offer to the Holy Spirit,
That He may bless us, and keep us both in peace.
ACIM, pg 384
Restoring Vision
Removing pain and sin
I am responsible for what I see.
I choose the feelings I experience
And I decide upon the goal I would achieve,
And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for,
And I receive as I have asked.
ACIM, pg448
Removing fear and hate
Do I desire a world I rule instead of one that rules me?
Do I desire a world where I am powerful instead of helpless?
Do I desire a world in which I have no enemies and cannot sin?
And do I want to see what I denied because it is the truth?
ACIM, pg 463
What is God's belongs to everyone and is his due.
ACIM, pg 541
Removing injustice
By this do I deny the Presence of the Father and the Son,
And I would rather know of Them than see injustice, which their Presence shines away.
ACIM, pg 564
Releasing guilt,
suffering and pain
I have done this thing and it is this I will undo,
When I forgive the world my guilt, I will be free of it.
ACIM, pg 588
Rising above
temptation by idols
There never was a time an idol brought you anything, except the "gift" of guilt.
Not one was bought except at cost of pain.
Nor was it ever paid by you alone.
ACIM, pg 637
Freedom from guilt
I thank You, Father, for Your perfect Son,
And in His glory will I see my own.
ACIM, pg 640
Divine Response
The answer that I give my brother is what I am asking for,
And what I learn of him is what I learn about myself.
ACIM, pg 649
Opening to Truth
I do not know the thing I am, and therefore do not know what I am doing, where I am, or how to look upon the world or on myself.
ACIM, pg 660
Resisting temptation
Choose once again if you would take your place among the saviours of the world, or would remain in hell and hold your brothers there.
ACIM, pg 666
Confirming self-worth
I am as God created me.
His Son can suffer nothing
And I AM His Son.
ACIM, pg 667
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