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Basic Unity Teachings:
 a layman's perspective by Richard Gurbin
  • Unity teaches there is but one GOD, individualized ( and readily/directly accessible) in every person as the Christ within.  Christ is that individualized expression of perfect Love, Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence that is GOD.
  • We believe that the fundamental nature of man is perfection ( in the likeness of GOD) and that we had chosen to obscure our perfection with error thought.  Repenting is simply changing our minds, redecidiing and releasing the error thoughts in order that we may rediscover our Divinity and the Joyous beauty of our highest and best good.
  • Unity is a way of life; a way of approaching and living life.  It is an attitude more than a dogmatic religion.  It is positive thinking.  It is practical Christianity.  As Christians, we believe that the Christ presence is "... the way, the truth , and the life.".  At the same time, we know that God, as infinite Love and all Good, loves all people regardless of the many and varied paths we/they may take to Him.  Therefore, we are inclusive of all.
  • Unity has some Basic Understandings that give it Foundation .....
    • There is only one presence and one power in the universe ... God the good, omnipotence. God is ALL, more than we can humanly imagine. God is the only reality. God is all good ... active in everything and everywhere.
    • We do not expound the notion of original sin. Rather, Unity teachings are based on the notion of original innocence. I do and give my best while living the Truth I know. I make a difference.
    • Love is considered to be that notion which fuels a sincere desire for the genuine well-being of the recipient. We may have the direct experience of Christ & GOD anytime we choose.
    • the Law of Mind Action explains how we effect our circumstances. Our minds are our field of operation. Thoughts are powerful and creative. The Law of Mind Action can be expressed as: “Thoughts held in mind, reproduce after their kind.” or ”Whatever you give your attention to prospers.” or “You create your reality through your beliefs.” or "As within, so without". Our premise is that: results are nurtured by actions; actions are nurtured by thoughts; thoughts are nurtured by attitudes & beliefs & paradigms. When we invite our attitudes & beliefs & paradigms to be inspired by God (on an ongoing basis), then only Good results. The self-fulfilling prophesy is then pre-empted by the Self-fulfilling Prophesy.
    • the Law of Substitution enables us to use the Law of Mind Action to our best advantage. The only way to release a certain thought is to substitute another one for it. You cannot dismiss a thought directly. You can, however, nullify it by substituting another thought for it. If I say to you, "Do not think of purple chickens," of course, you immediately think of purple chickens. Even if I say, "I am not going to think of purple chickens", that is thinking about it. But if you become interested in something else, you forget all about purple chickens -- and this is a case of substitution. When negative thoughts come, we do not fight them but think of something positive & empowering instead. Preferably think of God; but, if that is difficult at the moment, at least turn you attention to something quite different than the original (troublesome) thought. We create in our experience by what we choose to think, feel, and believe.
    • Denials and Affirmations make use of the Law of Mind Action and the Law of substitution and work to affect and change man's mind ( not God's); and therefore, to change our thoughts and beliefs. They provide the “transference” of power from error belief to Faith in Truth. Note: Denial has a meaning unique to Unity in this context and refers to: the awareness, renunciation, release, and replacement of that which is being denied - in a context of surrender to God/Christ, as we are humanly (personally) powerless. ( Of myself I can do nothing.)
    • Prayer is an acknowledgment and affirmation about the Truth of God and our relationship to Him/Her. Prayer and Meditation are ways to open ourselves to insight, intuition and conscious awareness of the greater reality. Acceptance and expression of our Divinity through forgiveness and love is our primary purpose and function for being here. Every thought, word, and action can move us toward the Divine perfection that is God's Will for us all. Through affirmative prayer and meditation, I connect with God and bring out the good in my life.
    • Unity seeks to relate our spirituality to our daily lives, affirming that for every need there is God's perfect answer. The Bible is our main source book of Truth, a spiritual map we interpret (mainly metaphysically) to assist us in finding our way to that realization of our unbounded Spiritual Nature.
    • Living by the Grace of God is to have an ever growing awareness/appreciation of God's unbounded Love for us, His Creation, as well as an understanding that His Love is His gift to us. A gift given to us and through us ... to be given by us to others. As a gift, it does not in any way have to be earned (for how could we possibly earn perfection?). It merely needs to be invited, received, accepted, and appreciated by our thoughts ... to master all our actions. God's Love is unconditional in the sense that it is equally available to all at all times for all aspects of all life. God's Love is, however, conditional in the sense that we must be willing to give it away (share it) in order to experience it fully. In order to actualize it we must be willing to express it in our thoughts, words, and deeds.
    • In short, Unity emphasizes the Divine potential within each and every one of us as children of God and teaches that, through a practical understanding and application of what Jesus taught, every person can realize and express his or her Divine potential for a happier, fuller and more prosperous life - right here, right now!
  • We support tithing (as individuals and as an organization) of our time, our material treasures, and our talents; although, we note that it is important to give the tithe(s) unconditionally in the context of Spiritual Love (definition above) for full impact. Tithing is distinct from charity in that charity is given out of compassion or pity while tithing is done out of gratitude to those who nurture us Spiritually.
  • Each Unity Church is an independent centre operating under the auspices of the Association of Unity Churches and in co-operation with the Unity School of Christianity (est. 1889) near Kansas City, Missouri. We often offer our facilities on a Love offering basis and we pay our church and outreach expenses using: money provided by these Love Offerings; tithes from like-minded organizations; and, donations of others who value our service. Typically we are registered, nonprofit, Spiritual Organizations.
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