Let me remind you to do yourself a favor and simply read and enjoy this book.  Do not, I repeat, do not try and figure out anything.  The real you understands what you have read.  No analysis is necessary. Relax and breathe.  If you get bored and frustrated, stop for a while.  Richardson D. Carson, author, Taming Your Gremlins


Spiritual Reading


People read for lots of reasons: fact finding, entertainment, research, problem solving, etc.

There is something we first heard referred to as the "De Bouno" technique which goes like this.... If we have a situation or problem and we are looking for a good/better response, we simply take a book at random, pick a page at random, and read a paragraph at random.  Then merely accept that the passage has some relevance and allow it to open our minds to a greater selection of possible responses to our circumstances.  Then we move our feet; that is, we take action, proceeding with confidence that we received what we needed.

Spiritual Reading is slightly different.  Spiritual reading is motivated by the question "What would God teach/give me through this reading."  It acknowledges that "of ourselves, we can do nothing; on our own, we are powerless" and we are not capable of thinking beyond our own habits, addictions, and biases without some loving intervention.   Spiritual Reading speaks to the biggest of perspectives about what actions and thoughts and opinions we can use to achieve "highest and best" good.  Of course, if we are aspiring to highest and best good for ourselves, it necessarily means that we are looking for highest and best good for others as well ... by definition.  God's Will for good is all-inclusive.

As we are about to read Spiritually, we prepare ourselves by deliberately inviting conscious contact with our Creator.  We do this by thinking some simple, Spiritually directed thought(s).  For example:

Master Creator, what would you have me get from this? 
Or ...
Thank You God for teaching me what you would have me know.  Thank You God for guiding me where You would have me go.
Dear God, how would you have me serve highest and best good in this moment?

Then we read - a page, a passage, a chapter, whatever - and go about our daily activities with a renewed Spirit.  We proceed with the faith and the desire that we were impacted in the best manner possible as we very gently deflect any impulse to intellectualize or verbalize the specifics.

"Strive, through prayer and meditation to maintain a conscious contact with God.  Praying only for the knowledge of God's will for us and the power to carry that out."  Step 11 of the 12 steps to recovery.

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